Metal Frame Assembly

Hardware Included:

8 spring clips
2 euro wire hangers
4 back plates
2 wall bumpers
4 plates with screws

Wire not included.

  1. Select frame bottom and attach the sides.

    First select the frame rail that will be the bottom of the frame. Insert 2 corner plates (one without screws underneath one with screws) into each corner and tighten. Then attach the 2 side rails to the bottom rail by sliding them into the corner hardware and tightening.
  2. Insert your artwork and add the top.

    Slide the materials to be framed (plexi, mat, backing, artwork, etc.) into the frame channel. Insert the remaining corner plates into each end of the top rail (just like you did with the bottom rail) and attach to the rest of the frame. Tighten all the screws.

  3. Align the corners and insert the spring clips.

    Inspect the front of the frame to see that the corners are aligned correctly. Secure your artwork by inserting the spring clips between the frame edge and the backing. When dismantling the frame for any reason, be sure and remove the spring clips before opening the corners.
  4. Add the wire and hang on the wall.

    Slide one euro hanger into each of the side rails. Make sure they are evenly spaced from the top rail and tighten the screws. Loop the wire (not included) twice through both hangers and then twist it to secure it in place. Place the bumper pads on the back bottom corners of the frame, where they meet the wall. Your frame is now ready to hang.